Online Marketing for Real Estate

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Making the Sale: Online Real Estate Marketing

Engaging online traffic is important in real estate: over 85% of real estate transactions start online. To cover all portals and ensure your marketing efforts are effective, you have to get creative.

So how can you take your run-of-the-mill “For Sale” sign to the next level?

Connect your on and offline marketing efforts with a QR Code Landing Page. Engage foot traffic to scan the code and find out more about your property and your agency by including a QR code on your printed marketing collateral.

By directing traffic to a property-specific landing page, you give your customers an exclusive look inside, instantaneously. Maximize your user’s time online by providing quick and painless ways to engage with your website, social media profiles or your direct contact information.

This technology offers a new tool for agents to turn leads into sales. Contact Everest Agency at (919) 825-1301 for more information about this and other marketing services to help your business succeed.

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